You’re about to enroll in the only course on

the market that provides end-to-end help and coaching for getting into Art & Design school.

Inside this online course we:


  1. Walk you through every single step from understanding basic materials.

  2. Help in creating a portfolio, prepare you for the interview and writing the actual application essay. 

  3. Tell you how to defend your work. 

  4. Provide an introduction to most Art & Design subjects allowing you to taste every major out there. This prevents from making bad choices and choosing the wrong major which could lead to a major financial impact.


✔️ Access to the online course platform:

  • Fundamentals about Art & Design

  • Introduction to Art & Design subjects

  • Insider tips on how to talk about your work 

  • Best practices for acing your interview

✔️ 20+ Easy and fun portfolio exercises:

  • Fashion Design, Fine Art, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Trends, Photography

✔️ Bonus: Personal Reflection Workbook

✔️ Bonus: 50+ Inspirational sources

✔️ Bonus: Certificate of completion



If it doesn’t work for you, you’re covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Testimonials online course how to apply

What other students say...

"Wow! Finally, it all makes sense to me." - Maria, California

"If you're looking for an intense but enriching step-by-step program to prepare you for admission, Atelier Nouveau is the place!" - Heather, Washington

"I've attended a bunch of different art classes all around the state and none of them compare to Sophie's course. It covers everything from the basics to the interview process. Thanks again, Sophie" - Bruce, Nevada

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