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Rock your

Art & Design school admission

Use your portfolio as the ultimate unfair advantage over other applicants

More than 70% of all Art & Design school applicants get rejected. Do you want to avoid being one of them? 

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This course is perfect for you if you are...

Applying for an Art & Design school, but don’t know where to start

What is expected of me? What should I prepare? How do I know if I'm well prepared?

Confused by the Art & Design school application process

How do the admission board judge me? What will they ask during my interview? Is it a similar presentation as we learned in high school or is it different? 

Trying to figure out if Art & Design school is the right fit for you

What is it like to study Art & Design? What is it all about? How do I know if I really like it?

This is not for you if...

You don't like being creative
You're looking for someone to create the portfolio for you
You don't have 9 weeks to complete this course

Your application is due next week

I get it. 


The application process is stressful.


So many unknowns surrounding Art & design school application… and not much time to figure things out.


  • Will my portfolio be good enough? 

  • Where do I start and how will I display my work?

  • Who to talk to for advice?

  • How do I know for sure if I want to go to an Art & Design school? Or if I’m even a fit?

  • What questions to expect during admission? 

  • How to stand out in front of all those other applicants?

  • What kind of Art do you want to focus on, photography, interior, fashion, product, graphic?? 


There are so many choices.. 

How to prepare for your Art & Design sch

Over the years, so many people have asked me about the secrets to a successful Art & Design school admission. That’s why I decided to collect all my knowledge and expertise and create this online course, designed especially for you.

I also interviewed more than 100 Art & Design graduates and professionals in the fields of Fashion, Interior, Product design, Photography, Fine art and more. Enhancing this online course even further and creating  a complete step-by-step program for you to follow so you will nail your Art & Design school admission.

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What other students say...

"Wow! Finally, it all makes sense to me." - Maria, California

"If you're looking for an intense but enriching step-by-step program to prepare you for admission, Atelier Nouveau is the place!" - Heather, Washington

"I've attended a bunch of different art classes all around the state and none of them compare to Sophie's course. It covers everything from the basics to the interview process. Thanks again, Sophie" - Bruce, Nevada


How to apply to Art & Design school 

This online course is a step-by-step program in which I teach you how to create your own portfolio, authentically and diligently.

Art & Design study disciplines by Atelie
Color shape and materials are the basic

Basic components

Study Graphic design by Atelier Nouveau

Graphic design

Study Fashion design business clothing s

Fashion design

Drawing painting sketching doodling by A


Study documentary fashion landscape or p


Study Fine art painting drawing by Ateli

Fine art

Materials organic and geometrical shapes


Study Product design by Atelier Nouveau

Product design

How to talk about your portfolio work by


How to become a trendwatcher or trend fo


Study Interior design styling decoration

Interior design

How to write a motivation letter or appl


Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • have a kick-ass portfolio, comprised of different types of media

  • understand everything about basic components

  • know what kind of materials will make your portfolio look like a pro

  • know how to spot and understand trends

  • know what Art & Design schools expect from you  

  • know how to get inspired and overcome any creative block

  • have a basic understanding of subjects like: Photography, Fashion design, Interior design, Fine art, Graphic design, Trends, Product design and more 

  • gain a huge confidence boost in your already existing talent and abilities

  • be able to write a solid application letter or essay

  • drastically increase your odds of getting accepted to the Art & Design school of your dreams

The course build up: If you're tired of reading, just check out this video.

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My name is Sophie van Os, and I'm here to help you nail your Art & Design school admission.


I was in the exact same spot you are now, when I was in high school and had to go through the tedious process of uncovering all of these unknowns by myself. Over the years, I have helped hundreds of people just like you to increase their odds of getting accepted to the Art & Design school of their dreams. 

Art & Design college portfolio online co

You’re about to enroll in the only course on the market that provides end-to-end help & coaching for getting into Art & Design school (as far as we could find!).  


Inside we:


  1. Walk you through every single step from understanding colors to basic materials.

  2. Help in creating a portfolio, prepare you for the interview and writing the actual application essay. 

  3. Tell you how to defend your work. 

  4. Provide an introduction to most Art & Design subjects allowing you to taste every major out there. This prevents from making bad choices and choosing the wrong major which could lead to a major financial impact.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should I reserve on a weekly base?

Well, this really all depends on you and how much time you want to invest in your own creative enlightment. Having said that, if you dedicate, say half a day every week for a period of 3 months, you will sail right through. If you're one of those people that wants to rush through the course, you can also do that. Then we would think it would take about 2 to 4 weeks, working pretty much every day.

Do I need to buy any kind of materials for this course?

You will need a few of the basic arts and crafts stuff so that you can properly complete the assignments. You'll be able to re-use these, once you get to the college or university of your dreams. We will provide a list as soon as possible.

I'm not looking at applying to an Art & Design school, can I still participate?

Sure, why not? So the entire course is built to get you inspired and geared up with a kick-ass portfolio for your application. But you can also just build a porfolio and get your creativity stimulated using our online course. I would maybe skip some of the courses at the end of chapter 3 where we talk about the application process and writing the application essay. But hey, even then, why not give that a shot too!

How many portfolio items are we going to create in this course?

Now, that's is a great question! So, this course is all about building your portfolio and creating pieces that you can proudly demonstrate and talk about during your admission. You will be making approximately 20 different items that will all have the potential of being added to your portfolio, that is, if you put in the right amount of effort ;)

What if I don't like the course?

That is absolutely fine as we offer a 30-Day Money-Back guarantee. So, you've got litterally nothing to lose.


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