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Find your free ebook and free webinar explaining how to create a portfolio and all of the requirements needed for a successful Art & Design school application. Think about how to find inspiration, assemble the requirements and prepare for the actual interview!

Next week Sunday, we're holding an amazing new webinar entitled: What to expect when applying to Art & Design school! This webinar will most definitely change your life forever!​ On this free webinar we cover how to set yourself up for success when applying to the Art & Design school of your dreams.

You can use this webinar to discover what Art & Design school is all about, understand how to create a good portfolio, and even find out how to get accepted! Heck, I even show you how to overcome creative block! In fact, here's just a sample of what we cover on this breakthrough, webinar:

* What is Art & Design school all about?
* What can I do today to get started on my portfolio?
* How to convince my parents that this is my dream?
* What is a good portfolio?
* What does the life of an Art & Design student look like?
* How to get accepted without experience?
* Why starting early is so important?
* How to get an unfair advantage over others?

... and much, MUCH More!

I bet you can’t wait to apply to the Art & Design school of your dreams. But wait.. you need to submit your portfolio? Help! What does that mean? 


In my Free Ebook I layed out the journey on how to create your portfolio and prepare for the admission interview. Besides that you will learn:


* How to research the school(s) you want to apply to; 

* How to create the right portfolio content;

* How to nail your admission interview (incl. bonus video!). 


But be aware. This is ONLY for creative minds who:

are ready to apply to the Art & Design school of their dreams.


Are you ready to kick-start your portfolio and rock your admission?

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