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5 Questions to prepare your Art school admission interview

It’s one thing to create work for your portfolio, it’s another to be able to talk about it. For example, can you answer the question: ‘What was your train of thought while making this project?’ or ‘Why did you use this type of color?’ It is these types of questions that can really throw you off during your art school admission interview. This is the last thing you want when you’re already nervous.

How to prepare for your interview

Let me set one thing straight: it’s okay to be nervous! It shows that you are invested, that you care about being there and that you take this seriously. But to help you keep your nerves under control you can prepare these 5 hands-on questions , so that you will rock your interview.

  1. Which designer or artist inspires you and why?

  2. Why would you like to study there?

  3. How would you describe yourself in 1 word?

  4. What do you do in your spare time?

  5. Why do you fit into this college/school?

If you find it difficult to answer one of these questions, you can try using the following approach: 

  • Set a timer for 10 minutes 

  • Read the question and jot down everything that comes to mind

  • Look at the question again, together with all the random words you wrote down when thinking about it. Use these keywords to formulate a clear answer to that question.

Surprise them! 

If you’ve done what I mentioned above, then you are 1 step closer to being 100% prepared for your interview. One last thing I can’t help but share with you is this: prepare at least 5 questions to ask them! It shows that you are interested and involved enough to go beyond all of the information that is available on their website and that you are curious to know more. That will give them a better sense of you and why they should admit you to their school.

3 Final tips to rock your Art school admission interview

1. Choose your outfit with care

Wear something that you feel confident in because the way you feel reflects in/through your appearance. For instance, if you never wear high heels, don’t wear them to your admission interview. On the other hand, you shouldn’t wear your worn out sneakers. Choose shoes that are decent, even without a heel.

2. Think of your body language 

This entails  making eye contact with the person who is conducting the interview, and standing up straight. One of the things you can try is to put yourself in their position and imagine how you would judge prospective students. What would you look at?

3. Be enthusiastic

It may sound obvious, but this is a really important one. Let them see that you really want this! Show that you want to study there and that you are convinced that you will fit in well with the program. Also, be prepared for the question: why? 

The more you have rehearsed all the things I just told you, the better you will do in rocking your interview. 

Create your kick-ass portfolio now!

Now that you’re totally prepared for your admission interview, how is that portfolio of yours coming along? Does your work represent your creative talent and abilities? 

Over the years, so many people have asked me for tips and tricks about the secrets to a successful art and design school admission. So I decided to share all my knowledge and expertise and designed an online course especially for you! Sign up download my free Ebook and start your creative journey right away!


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