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How to prepare for your Art school admission interview

The Art school admission requirement that most people forget

One of the most important parts of the art and design school admission process is the interview. During this interview the admission officer(s) will ask you about your work, who you are and what drives you to apply to their program. In this article I will show you why and how you can prepare yourself for this part of the admission process.

Why you should prepare yourself for the admission interview

I think we can all agree on this statement: Running a marathon without preparation or training is a bad idea. Let’s compare your admission interview to this situation. You enter the room and see how it goes. Chances are high that your nerves will take over. You’ll stumble upon words, be vague or even get a blackout. 

Now put yourself in the admission officer’s position. You’ll believe that the student is not motivated nor invested to join  the program at all. That’s not what we want them to think. 

8 Tips on how to prepare yourself for your Art school interview

If you are like me, you’ll want to prepare yourself for every possible scenario. How do you do that? Watch this video (02:48) for 8 helpful tips!*

Let’s be honest. There are always situations that you haven’t thought of or that might surprise you. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. You can’t plan everything in life, whether you like it or not. But good preparation is key to keep your nerves under control and show that you’re super excited to join the program you’re applying to! 

In my online course, I dive deeper into this part of the application as well as creating your portfolio. Read more about the curriculum here.

*Sources mentioned in video are for enrolled online course students only.



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