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Color Theory explained

The three most important components of Art & Design are Color, Shape and Material. In this blog we will dive into the wonderful world of colors. Whichever major you’re interested in, color unites them all!

Have you ever heard about Color Theory? It’s the art and science of using colors and the various ways they can be mixed to create new colors. It all starts with the Color Wheel.

Primary Colors

First we have the Primary Colors: red, blue and yellow. With these 3 colors you can create every other color. Except for white, obviously.

Secondary Colors

Then we have the Secondary Colors: purple, green and orange. These can be created by mixing 2 adjacent primary colors.

Tertiary Colors

Lastly we have the Tertiary Colors. These are created by mixing a primary with an adjacent secondary color.

Try to make your own Color Wheel with paint! You only have to use the Primary Colors and you’re good to go.

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