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Think like a trend watcher, act like a trend watcher

What if I said… YOU can predict the future?!

I believe there is a trend watcher in each and every one of us. Whether you’re interested in graphic design, fine arts or photography, as creatives we’re all thinking about what will happen next. Right?

Ever wondered how a trend watcher comes about their predictions? Well, a trend watcher proceeds as follows:

Based on a wide range of information, a trend watcher compiles their expectations about future developments. This information is compiled in various ways. Think of reading newspapers and magazines, visiting websites, watching documentaries and interviews, visiting exhibitions, shops and fairs and making (inter)national trips.

It’s a lifestyle, a never ending process which is applied daily

In addition, the results of market and consumer surveys are important for a trend watcher, because these results indicate what is going on in the world.

The collected information is organized and analyzed and then worked out in the form of a trend report or trend book.

Did you know that making a trend report is a very interesting angle to start a portfolio project? It adds extra depth to your research and it will instantly set you apart from others. A tool that will help with this is creating a trend pyramid.

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