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Secrets of an Interior Designer revealed

For my online course I interviewed countless experts in their field. One of them was an interior designer from Finland. To the question “How does an Interior Designer work”, she answered the following:

“Interior Design is all about creating a functional space that is safe and promotes ones well being. As a designer I make a lot of drawings, 3D adaptations and compose documents.

Me and my team always follow certain steps when starting a project. It goes like this:

🕐 We interview the client so we know exactly what they want. We ask them all kinds of questions about their dreams, their ideas and their challenges.

🕑 With the whole team we start brainstorming and come up with crazy ideas. Then we narrow them down into smaller ideas.

🕒 Based on those ideas we create 2 moodboards with different concepts. Within the moodboards we focus on atmosphere, colors and materials.

🕓 The client decides which moodboard they like best. Based on that decision we create a 3D model for the space.

🕔 After that we start making drawings for the floor-, lightning- and furniture plan.

🕕 The last step is the execution. This is when the concept and moodboard come to life!”

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