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World’s Greatest Photographers that you must know

“A photo is like a poem without words, a photographer is like a painter but uses light and space as their brushes. A camera is in essence an extension of a person’s eyes and mind. Artistic photography is a visual way of communicating what your soul sees.”
- Quote from the Photography Module in my course

I want to share with you 3 of the world’s greatest photographers that you must know:

The founding father of Rayograph, a technique where photographic prints are created without the use of a camera. “I have finally freed myself from the sticky medium of paint, and am working directly with light itself.” So said Man Ray in 1922, shortly after his first experiments with camera-less photography. He remains well known for these images.

Fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh is celebrated for his artfully composed narrative photographs. After he started his career as a painter, he took up photography in 1971. He shoots portraits of celebrities and supermodels. He is known for working mainly in black and white, as he once said: “The real world is in color so if you use black and white, you take it out of the real world, out of the banal”.

Erwin Olaf was one of Holland’s most acclaimed contemporary photographers. His work is famous for his mis-en-scène and highly theatrical compositions. Olaf weaves complex and dramatic narratives into his still photographs.



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